Exeter book printing company barefoot digital produces custom bound hardback books for a range of customers in Exeter, Devon. From unique foil bound books to hardback books with embossing and debossing effects on the cover, you can be sure Barefoot Digital produces everything you need.

All books are created with a fantastic local team who have been in the digital printing and digital media business for well over 30 years.

Digital book printing in Exeter  should be your choice for short-run paperback and hardback books. Produced in-house with a quality team. Books can be shipped out within 5 working days and a proof copy can sometimes be shipped out on the same day.




We stock a variety of papertypes and cover laminations so your book can be as unique as you want it. Printing your book is as simple as 1-2-3. We have an easy to use book printing quote system from our partners at Imprint Digital Book Printing. They provide us with a service for printing which is on a next level.

A book printing company with a top level service you will not find in most other printing companies.

Imprint Digital offer short run book printing from 25 copies to 1000 copies and can turn around books in a matter of days. Hardback book printign does take longer but as they say, they are the specialists and can get your book printed in a timely and effecient manner.

If you need to see more watch the video below.