Complete AdWords and Facebook Management with Click-To-Customer® tracking.

Would you like to know EXACTLY which ads and keywords bring in customers and sales?

As part of our Paid Traffic Management service, you will get your own custom, dynamic dashboard so you can see at a glance all the paid traffic metrics that are key to your business.

No more waiting for an end-of-month written report. Everything you need to know will be right there on your screen updated every 15 minutes.

We also make sure that your AdWords and Facebook marketing is coordinated and not run in isolation as is often the case.

Digital Marketing

Hire an Expert Digital Marketing Team for 90 Days.

What you get is everything in our Paid Traffic Management service PLUS Paid Traffic Campaigns, CRM Integration and Follow-up Campaigns.

Your 90-Day Digital Marketing Accelerator starts off with a full-day strategy session with Pieter & David to define the exact nature of the project and how it will be measured over the 90 days.

Your project, including new website and/or landing pages will be launched after just 48 hours – there’s no point in hanging around – as we need to start split testing as soon as possible.

Then, over the following 90 days, your project will be optimised and automated.


In this year-long project you will have four 1-2-1 Mastermind meetings with Pieter & David (you can bring other team members if you wish) plus construction and implementation of the strategies and campaigns defined during the Mastermind meetings.

The ultimate business growth and development programme.

For a whole year, we’ll do the work, so you can focus on what you do best, being in front of prospects who can say yes to your proposition, instead of dabbling in everything you are not skilled in.

Included in BarefootOS is everything from our Paid Traffic Management service plus four 90-Day Digital Marketing Accelerator projects.

Done for you – done properly.