7 Immutable Laws of Marketing Campaign Success – Part 7

It has to be automated

I know, you run your own business, and you think you do everything better than everyone else, or at least try.

The truth is, you don’t and you can’t.

There is only so much you can do in a day, week or month. And yes, with the right approach and the hours you are willing to put in, you get more done than most.

But there is a cost. Every time you do something, it means you are not doing something else. As the business owner, your job is to identify the really crucial tasks you need to perform, and focus on them.

Managing the micro steps of an ongoing marketing campaign is not the best use of your time, nor your staff’s.

Constant manual intervention leads to mistakes, things forgotten and is inherently unreliable.

This unreliability will filter down into your message to your target market, diluting the focus of your campaigns and undermining your hard work.

An unreliable message to your target audience becomes an inconsistent prospect and customer experience, which creates confused minds. And as mentioned, a confused mind says no.

All of this leads to inconsistent results for your business, reduced conversion rates and reduced ROI, more wasted budget, frustration and worry.

Automation empowers you to create reliable, consistent, predictable and repeatable systems and processes. You’ll know with 100% certainty that the next step in your marketing funnel is happening, every time and for every lead you generate.

This leads to automated campaign delivery, which helps to create the cohesive integration between your different media and platforms.  Once you have the automated systems in place, you can create clearly documented guidelines and processes, because everything’s not inside your head.

You’ll find yourself with valuable assets in your business, not just a collection of random efforts.

These marketing assets provides you with truly reliable and predictable lead generation and sales, delivering consistent results, which in turn gives you greater ROI.

And in truth, that is all we care about as marketers of our businesses. ROI.

For the money I invested, what did I get back?

Everything else in marketing is vanity.

If you are able to create predictable ROI for your business, then your business becomes your greatest asset, something of true value. It becomes a legal money printing press.

Litmus Test:

If you and your staff did not turn up tomorrow, what would a new lead’s or prospect’s experience be?

Pieter K de Villiers

Author: Pieter K de Villiers

Pieter K de Villiers is slightly obsessed with systems. The systems and process automation he builds for small businesses are transformative, to say the least. Pieter is a Co-Founder of Barefoot Digital and the Amazon best-selling author of “Barefoot Business: 3 key systems to attract more leads, win more sales and delight more customers without your business killing you”.