In Part 2 we looked at why and how you should create a Client Fulfilment System.

Just to recap, we started with the Client Fulfilment System, because without one, we will be wasting a lot of time, energy and cash on finding new customers, without being able to serve them and have them come back for more.

Think about making sausages.

We start with chunks of meat (New Leads). The meat is minced (Prospects). Then the mince is made into sausages(New Sales/Orders).

Most business owners start by buying loads of meat, they might even make mince, but because they never sorted out the sausage machine, a lot of the meat is going to waste and rotting (People go elsewhere or are unhappy), because they can not make the sausages as fast or efficiently as is required. We looked at the sausages yesterday, let’s look at making the mince today.

Just as the Client Fulfilment System gives you more capacity in your business, the Client Acquisition System gives you more capacity in your head.

Do you ever find yourself thinking: “I must get back to Mike, he seemed really interested to buy.” or “I wonder what happened to Jenny, did I get back to her last week? Oh no, that was 3 months ago!!”

You are amazing! You run your own business. YOU CAN NOT DO EVERYTHING OR REMEMBER EVERYTHING!!

You also need a way to introduce your business and what you stand for to your new prospects. As with how the work is done in your business, it is extremely important that you systemise this and control what messages are going out to new prospects.

Having a system in place also allows for your prospects to go on a journey, at their own pace.

Your prospects will become customers and buy from you WHEN THEY ARE READY TO BUY, not when you are ready to sell.

Think about this in the context of dating. Some people are looking for marriage and some just want a one night stand, and then there is everything in between.

If all you offer is the experience of a one night stand, how happy do you think your customers are going to be? On the other hand, you will also lose business if all you offer is marriage.

You need to allow your prospects to travel at their own pace, but down a path guided by you.

Think of it like the adventure books we used to have as kids. You get to the end of a section and have to make a decision: Are you going to page 212 or 354? Are you going to try and slay the dragon or simply wait quietly for it to walk past, hoping it doesn’t notice you?

In this way, you are creating the experience of a unique universe for every prospect, but you are in control of the experiences within that universe.

The massive power in this is two-fold:

On the one hand, it allows your prospect to move about the universe from “interested” to “ready to buy” at their own pace, but even more powerful is the fact that you know this stuff is happening, whilst you are busy doing other things, or sleeping.

You know that everyone receives the same initial welcome and introduction to the business. You know they are being followed up with.

You never know what might be the trigger that makes one particular prospect become a customer, but you know what features of your business you want to highlight in the process, and with a Client Acquisition System, you can rest assured that this is happening all the time, every time.

The key here is to understand that the Client Acquisition System deals with the section in the journey from the moment someone makes an enquiry (On-line or Off-Line), up to the point where they decide to buy from you.

Do you have anything like this in place, or is it simply luck of the draw?

Once you create a Client Acquisition System, you don’t have to wonder about where your next sale is going to come from. You have created a production line that takes leads on the one end and delivers paying customers on the other.

Another massive advantage to having a Client Acquisition System is that you get to dictate how you do business and who you do business with.

On one of our business websites, we have a section called: Here’s Who We Are.

This sets out 6 simple rules by which we do business and make decisions. One of the key rules is this:

No Dicks Allowed

Being an arse is not acceptable. We won’t accept dicks as clients, vendors or employees. We will never be dicks, life is too short. Dicks not allowed.

At first this might seem a bit silly and might offend some people, and that is the point.

The fact that we have that message in large font on our website, sends a very strong signal to anyone who comes by, as to what type of people work here.

Yes, we might lose a customer because they find it offensive, but in reality, I know that anyone who finds that rule too offensive to do business with us, will not be a good fit for us, so it is better that we don’t waste each other’s time.

What message are you sending out to EVERY prospect who finds your business? Is it consistent, or made up by someone else, every time?

Spend some time working out the “Adventure Book” for your business. Draw it out on the white board with different options in several places. Make sure it can run for at least 6 months before I drop into a “Bucket” for all non-converted prospects.

We’ll look at the tools you can use for creating this type of system in a separate section.

Pieter K de Villiers

Author: Pieter K de Villiers

Pieter K de Villiers is slightly obsessed with systems. The systems and process automation he builds for small businesses are transformative, to say the least. Pieter is a Co-Founder of Barefoot Digital and the Amazon best-selling author of “Barefoot Business: 3 key systems to attract more leads, win more sales and delight more customers without your business killing you”.