What is a lead?

For our purposes, and I suggest you think about it the same way, a website opt-in is NOT a lead.

An opt-in on a website is an extremely low commitment action. These are important, but they are not leads.

You have to turn opt-ins into leads, consistently.

How is this done in your business?

Whatever the process is in your business, are you sure that it happens to 100% of the opt-ins you generate from your website?

Let’s look at an example:

Business A generates around 400 opt-ins per month, from Paid Traffic to their website. These are NOT 400 leads. They don’t get to speak to 400 people a month, and nothing gets sold in their business unless there is a conversation.

Now, if all they did was collect all those Opt-ins on the website into a database, they might make some sales, but not many.

What they, and you, need to do is turn these opt-ins into real Leads. Your business needs a Lead Generation System, and it NEEDS to be a system.

Even if you have a process to follow-up with web opt-ins in place, if it is not automated, then you are leaving money on the table.

Automated follow-up, working to turn opt-ins into Leads, is a 100% process. It does not matter if your are away for a week, or if a key member of your team is off sick for a week. Your business can not rely 100% on the humans, you need some support from the robots. And in case you’ve not noticed, the robots are pretty smart.

What does this look like for Business A mentioned above.

For them, a Lead is someone who have asked for or provided specific information. Requested an appointment or spoken to them over the phone.

Their Lead Generation System is designed with one focus: start conversations. Everything about it is geared to get more appointments and more phone calls.

None of this happens in a completely predictable way though. Just because you are ready to sell today, doesn’t mean I am ready to buy. This means we need to keep in touch with our opt-ins until they are ready to buy, and endeavour to hasten their readiness.

This is done through a combination of emails, postcards, letters, brochures etc… Some of these are offers, some just really helpful information to help them get to the point of wanting to have a conversation.

For Business A, the time from Opt-in to Conversation is 36 hours on average, but some can take as long as 18 months. How long is it in your business? Do you know?

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