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Your relationship with your customer is at risk from the moment you make a sale.

Many business owners set everything up to get the sale, with little thought of what happens in the delivery of their product or service. For many businesses, the delivery of service and product just sort of happens.

How well it is performed depends entirely on who is in that day or what their mood is.

It really shouldn’t be this way, and it doesn’t need to be.

With the support of automation in your business, you can create a Client Fulfilment System that ensure every single customer experiences the best of what your business does.

This kind of automation doesn’t mean taking the human element out of your business and everyone experiences a faceless “process”. The automation is always there in support of you and your team. In some instances it functions as a back-up memory.

Your Client Acquisition System remembers when a call is due to a certain client, and tells you. Your clients can be informed of or reminded of key moments in the process.

Think about the process when you order something from Amazon.

You receive:

  1. confirmation of your order
  2. confirmation of dispatch
  3. confirmation of delivery intent for the day
  4. you receive your item
  5. delivery confirmation
  6. follow-up for a review of the item

Now, setting up that system took time, and was improved over time, but now that it is there, that process happens, reliably, for 3 million packages per day.

Nobody needs to remember to send those emails. The people are busy doing more important “manual” tasks, and as the customer, I still have a great experience.

Now, I know you and I don’t run one of the unicorn companies like Amazon, but there are still tens, if not hundreds of tasks in your business, that need to be completed, but which you can hand off to an automated Client Fulfilment System, leaving you to focus on the RELATIONSHIPS with your customers and clients.

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