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Barefoot Digital provides the perfect solution to booklet printing for all documents, magazines and information products. If your document is only a handful of pages then having it printed and bound as a booklet should be your preferred option.

Our booklet printing service offers a a fantastic way to get your material to market in a quick and affordable way. Our booklets are stapled by saddle stitching up to 40 pages. After 40 pages all booklets will be perfect bound.

Saddle-stitched booklets are created with staples to ensure an effecient and cheap way to get your booklets printed.

Size Width (mm) Height (mm)
A6 105 148
A5 148 210
A4 210 297
Square – 148 148 148
Square – 210 210 210
Square – 120 120 120
Pages x Quantity 50 100 200 300
50pp £98.54 £132.07 £199.14 £266.21
100pp £112.57 £160.14 £255.28 £350.42
150pp £126.61 £188.21 £311.42 £434.63
200pp £140.64 £216.28 £367.56 £518.84
250pp £154.68 £244.35 £423.70 £603.05
300pp £168.71 £272.42 £479.84 £687.26


Colours that you see on screen and that are produced by digital equipment are normally in RGB (Red, Green and Blue). For printed material, we are only able to print in CMYK ( Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). Therefore, any images, photographs, logos and text need to be supplied in your press-ready document as CMYK. We can convert this on our end if you are having difficulties in doing the conversion but there may be an extra charge depending on how much you need converting.


For the best print quality of any and all images, photographs and logos, the resolution will need to be at 300dpi (dots per inch). We can accept resolutions lower than this but we are unable to guarantee high-quality printing for anything under 240dpi. If you are unsure of the resolution/quality of your content we will be happy to produce sample proofs.

Fonts Embedded

When a font is not embedded in the document, the font information will need to be on the local computer where the document is opened. If this font information is not on the local computer then a substituted font will be used. This is something we need to avoid at all costs. One of the ways to avoid this is to make sure all fonts used in the document are embedded.

3mm Bleed

Covers and internal files should have 3mm bleed as standard. This is the area outside of the trim area to allow for any movements in printing.

Crop Marks

Corner trim/crop marks help us when imposing the files for printing but are not essential as we can easily add these when we impose your booklet.

PDF Press Ready Files

Files should be submitted to us as press-ready PDF files. In some instances, we can accept other formats such as Microsoft Word or JPEG but you will need to contact us first.

What is a booklet?

A booklet is a small, thin book, usually up to 40pp. Booklets are normally saddle-stitched which is a type of book binding using staples.

What size can my booklet be?

Booklets can be printed and saddle-stitched at any size from A5 up to A4. We are able to accomodate any size within these measurements.

What paper types can I use?

We have a range of papertypes available. For a full list please visit - Paper Types

What cover stock do you use?

Our cover stocks are 240gsm cover card but we can use lighter weight coated paper from 130gsm to 170gsm.

What will the spine width be?

With our saddle-stitched booklets there is not really a spine as they are very thing books. If you want a perfect bound booklet then the spine is given to you on the quote / order page.

What glue do you use?

Glue is only used in our perfect bound booklets not our saddle-stitched booklets. The glue we use is either EVA or PUR.

What booklet options are on offer?

We have various different custom options for your booklets. Different paper types, cover stocks, spot uv and multiple laminations.

What extras can I add to my booklet?

This depends on what look and feel you are after and the purpose of the booklet. Please contact us if you need any help.

  • A5
    • InDesign
    • PDF
  • A4
    • InDesign
    • PDF

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