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Focussing on converting opt-ins into strong leads for your business is extremely important. Without it, all you have is a bunch of names.

The real work, and value, lies in turning those leads into clients or customers.

This is where your Client Acquisition System comes into play.

With the support of an automated Client Acquisition System, you’ll be able to manage a far larger number of leads, and reliably turn them into Clients or customers.

This can be as simple as some confirmation or reminder emails, or you can develop a fully automated system with emails, information packs, tasks for follow-up calls, integration with a fulfilment service or printer, scheduled meeting reminders etc…

This really is as open and creative as your imagination or specific needs. There is no one size fits all.

What are the benefits of an automated Client Acquisition System?

Two main immediate benefits:

1 – Consistency

You know that every Lead that comes into your business will be given the same information, the same level of follow-up and service. This ensures that those valuable leads don’t fall through the cracks, or get neglected when things get busy. Your Client Acquisition System is there to support you and your team, ensuring a great first impression for every single lead you took the time and expense to generate.

2 – Time

Every business is filled with 2-minute tasks, it is like a cancer.

There are a hundred different things that need to get done, some more important that others, and that is when things start to suffer. When you and your team get busy, some things start to slip, and this has a direct effect on your sales. By automating these 2-minute tasks, you free up time for you and your team to focus on the really important human touch points, without needing to compromise win the bits that seem slightly less important or suck your time every day.

As an example, we worked with a client, and identified that one key piece of information – total sale value – had to be entered by a human, 7 times throughout their manual, disconnected process.

By creating an automated, integrated Client Acquisition System for them, this was reduced down to once. Enter the value in once at the start of the conversation/quoting process and it flows through all their systems without needing to be remembered.

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